Aphasia: A Novel

Aphasia: A Novel – Complete

Katie Lynne knew her future: a year teaching English in Prague, a romantic engagement, a fairy-tale wedding. She just never expected the end of the world. Aphasia, a 75,000 word work of literary post-apocalyptic fiction, follows Katie’s journey as she navigates an altered world, a modern-day Tower of Babel brought about by a global pandemic.

Katie and an unfriendly colleague named Honza spend three months quarantined in the Czech secondary school where Katie once lived and they both once taught. But their precautionary measures fail. The Babel Virus spares their lives, but like all other survivors, they awake with a new and specific form of aphasia: though they can still understand one another, they can no longer speak nor write in their native languages. Only Honza’s lessons in Czech save Katie from the madness of losing English.

Now Katie and Honza must travel through the looted and dangerous city to find Honza’s family and Katie’s fiancé. Though much good still survives beneath the golden spires of Prague, the pair faces German-speaking gangs, a Kazakh mafia boss bent on controlling the city, and a Swiss researcher determined to find a cure no matter the cost. Worst, Katie earns the ire of Luka, the Kazakh’s second-in-command and a merciless killer who will stop at nothing to prevent her from reaching her fiancé. In this new world of violence, and with the wrong man at her side, Katie must discover her identity outside of the English she once spoke and the love she now seeks. If she doesn’t, only silence awaits.

Short Stories

Expecting” – Available in the Jul/Aug 2019 edition of Eclectica Magazine

Yukako Ajayi cared deeply that the other 649 residents of Sigma Colony thought well of her, so when fellow engineer Pavel Li suffered a catastrophic brain injury, she struggled to contain her relief.

“People Mountain, People Sea” – Completed

The schoolgirl’s head strikes the edge of a stone step. A dull crack like a dropped melon, and she crumples onto the dusty hútòng street. Blood pools between cobblestones, slender rivulets tracing careless rectangular patterns. An ancient willow hunches nearby, its tree well eager to accept any excess flow.

“R.I.M.” – Completed

The chill water closes over her like home. She pushes off the wall, arms straight, thumbs locked, fingers stacked. A perfect streamline.

“Soledad del Mundo” – In Progress 

“Traitor” – Completed

We find the stranger in our ark near East Fence. Me and Ada. Not a real ark, just some old rotted logs and pine branches for a roof. We usually set up inside after morning prayers. Pretend to fight off the infected. Patrol doesn’t come by in winter – too much mud – no one crazy enough to go over the mountains, not with all that snow and ice. No one except the stranger.

Traitor was featured on Wild Violet’s Halloween post in 2020.  You can read it here.